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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 13, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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where am i going, carl ? the next year... that was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side >> as one university tries to heal from a sex abuse scandal. word >> another college is admitting to abuse allegations on campus. a stand offbetween police and occupied protestors. i am harris falkner, this is "the fox report." >> putting that against the ok piers and now the tents are coming down in one city. >> we have this considerable time to share the movement's messages with the public but has lost control of the camps it created. >> not everybody is going quietly if at all.
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>> is this the breaking point for the occupy wall street movement? and ten-days and counting a deadline looms to reign in our nation's spending. six democrats six republicans must reach a compromise if they don't we will face the fallout. as members of the super committee speak out. before you put your money down you better find out what's up with the fees. >> we are monitoring the situations where police with other cities we are told have joined others to put up fence line to take up a park we have been occupying. the demonstration's building in authorities in uz dozens of cities issued evictions notices
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sending a clear message to occupiers nationwide go home. this weekend show downs between police and protestors seem to be marking a shift in where this movement could be headed from here on out. right now you are looking at portland and this picture is freezing up a little bit. we are going to try to take a live look. demonstrators met at midnight a deadline to get out of the public park with defiance a few hundred fers tasked with containing a crowd of nearly 3,000 at one point. the street standoff ended nearly 2 dozen arrests earlier and not one officer we are told was hurt in the chaos when something hit him in the leg. hours later crowds took down their tents, packed up belongings and moved out. that didn't last long. because in just the last little while they have come back. challenging riot police again. officers took guard of the park and the infuriating crowds
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there. it is one of many camps because in recent weeks some of the places have become a breeding ground for violence, crime, drugs, rape even death over shadowed what some call a peaceful resistance. 99 percent say this thing is far from over. we have the west coast bureau tonight. >> the situation in portland is very flu i had one we are monitoring extremely closely at this hour. the mayor of that city saying the wall street movement in portland is now attracting drug addicts and thieves which is why more than 200 police dawned riot gear tonight and today looking to clear out the park where demonstrators have been gathering for more than a month. they were not going down without a fight using old furniture to create makeshift barrier to
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block traffic. 2 dozen vs. an raised. mayor says it's time for these people to move on. >> crime and assaults increased in the area around the camps. this is in addition to the house and sanitation issues the camp's close quarters brought about. occupy has had considerable time to share the movement messages with the public but lost control of the camps it created. i have to say that same sentiment being echoed in other cities across the country as well last night. a woman was raped near the occupy camp in philadelphia. we understand a suspect is in custody while trying to clear the clouds there. one cut on the hand with a knife another shoveed by a
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demonstrator. a man was shot in the encampment. some of the demonstrators say they are not going anywhere. >> we have no intention of leaving. if we get evicted we will be back. >> we are getting reports of other arrests of occupy movements across the country as well in cities like denver, salt lake city, utah and st. louis paris. >> it is interesting in some areas you are seeing the push back against protestors and some might call a tipping point but you have a situation where occupiers are getting a free gift tonight. >> still plenty of support of a lot of these protestors. 99 doctors and nurses volunteered their services to give free flew shots this weekend to the protestors gathering in downtown manhattan. nurses and doctors representing
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the 99 percent of the population that is protesting these big hikes on wall street and the big ceo salaries and things like that. >> a fox news alert. we are watching live where the president of the united states is about to hold a news conference in honolulu, hawaii. we have been reporting he is in the state for the apeck economic summit along with 20 other world leaders. as we wait for him to come to the podium we are inside a 2 minute warning. he will do a 5-7 minute opening statement. the group of 9 country leaders have been talking about ways to create jobs and build business globally as well as other countries wanting to get in on the circle. he may have been taken off message as well ask about iran and other topics. he is expected to take 6-8
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questions after his opening statement. again the president may be taken off message to include things like iran. his thoughts perhaps on last night's gop candidates debate in south carolina. he hasn't spoken much about that. as the president walks his way up to the podium in the state of hawaii. >> aloha. i want to begin by thanking the people of hawaii for their extraordinary hospitality. usually when michelle and i our daughters come back to visit it's one this time we brought 21. thank you so much for the incredible graciousness of the people of hawaii and their patients because i know that traffic got tied up a little bit. the single greatest challenge for the united states right now and my highest priority as a
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president is creating jobs and putting americans back to work. one of the best ways to do that is to increase our strayed and exports with other nations. 95 percent of the world's consumers are beyond our borders. i want them to be buying goods with three words stamped on them, made in america. i have been doing everything i can to ensure the united states is competing gracively for the jobs in the future. no region will do more to shape our future than the asia pacific region. as i said the united states is and always will be a pacific nation. many of the top trading partners are in the region. this is where we have many exports supporting 5 million american jobs. this is the world's fastest growing region my goal is to
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double u.s. exports, a goal we are on track to meet. that's why i have been proud to host apeck this year. been a chance to work toward a seamless regional economy more trades exports and jobs for more people. i am pleased we have made progress in three month areas. we have agreed to steps to increase trade and bring economies even closer. we agreed to a new set of principles that encourage the entrepreneur ship that creates new businesses and new industry. with simplified customs and exemptions from certain tariffs we will encourage more businesses and engage in more trade. that includes our small business which account for the vast majority of the economies. it will make it easier to travel and conduct business across the region. i was pleased to sign legislation a new travel card
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that would help american businessmen and women travel more easily and get deals done in this region. the united states and 8 partners reached a brought outline in the trance pacific partnership. i am pleased that japan, canada and mexico have now expressed an interest in this effort. it comes on the heels of landmark trade agreements with south korea panama and columbia which support jobs. we discussed how to move ahead with the wto which will mean more exports for american manufacturers and ranchers. second apec agreed on the green growth we need for energy security. we agreed to reduce tariffs on environmental goods and make it
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easier to support clean technology to support green jobs. we will aim for higher ee fish she knows. we are moving ahead with phasing out fossil fuel supplements this will be a step toward fighting climate change which is a threat to the beauty and prosperity of the region. we are redoubling our efforts to make sure the regulations are encouraging trade and job creation not discouraging trade and job creation. this builds on the work we are doing in the united states. to get rid of rules and regulations that are unjustified and overly burdensome. apec partners are joining us so we are sparking generation and growth as we protect public health and environment. since many of the leaders were also at the recent g 20 summit we continued our efforts to get the global economies to grow
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faster. apec makes up more than half of the global economy and will continue to play a key role in the strong balance that we need. in the world's largest economy the best thing the united states can do is to grow our own economy faster. i will continue to fight for the american jobs act so we can put our americans back to work. ipz glad to see congress moved forward on one part of the job skill. we have to do a lot more than that. i want to thank the people of hawaii for their extraordinary hospitality and for all they have done to help make the summit such a success. i want to thank fellow leaders that they brought to our work. i believe the progress we made will help create jobs and keep america competitive in a region that is vital not only for our
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economy but also national security. with that i am going to take a few questions. >> thank you very much. i would like to ask you about iran. did you get any specific commitments from russia or china or tightening sanctions? did you move them at all? do you fear the world is running out of options short of military intervention to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons? >> one of the striking things over the next three years since i came into office is the degree of unit we have been able to forge in the international community with ee respect to iran. when i came into office the world was divided and iran was unified around the nuclear program. we have a situation where the world is united and iran is
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isolated. because of our diplomacy and our efforts we have by far the strongest sanctions in iran we have ever seen. china and russia were critical to making that happen. had they not be willing to support those efforts we would not have been able to see. iran's economy is suffering because of this. iran's influence in the region is in part because their approach to repression inside iran is contrary to the spring that has been sweeping the middle east. we are in a much stronger position now than two or three years ago in terms of iran. the recent report indicates what we already knew which is
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although iran does not possess a nuclear weapon and is technically still allowing observers in their country. they are engaging in practices that are to theie obligations. that is what it indicates. i spoke with the president they are making sure iran does not weaponize nuclear power and don't starcreate a nuclear arms race. in terms of how we move forward we are consulting with them over the next several weeks we are looking at what other options we have available to us the sanctions have enormous bite and
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scope. we are building off the platform that has been established. we will put the options off the table. it is my firm belief that iran with a nuclear weapon would pose a security threat not only to the region but also to the united states. but a strong preference is to have iran meet international obligations negotiate diplomatically to allow them to have peaceful use of nuclear energy in accordance with international law but at the same time the weaponzation of nuclear power. we are going to keep pushing on that. china and russia have the same
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aims the same objectives and i believe we will continue to cooperate and collaborate closely on that issue. >> last night at the republican debate some of the hopefuls they hope to get your job. they defended the practice of waterboarding which is a practice you banned in 2009. remember man ca-- herman cain s don't see that as torture. michelle bachmann said it's very effective. i wonder if you thinker uninformed out of touch or irresponsible? oo that's a multiple choice question, isn't it? let me say this, they are wrong. waterboarding is torture.
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it is contrary to america's perdition, it's contrary to our ideals. that's not who thewe are. that's not how we op operate. we don't need it in order to prosecute the war on terrorism. wi we did the right thing by ending that practice. if we want to lead around the world part of our leadership is setting a good example. anybody who read about and understands the practice of waterboarding would say that is torture. that's not something we do, period. another raw o-- norah o'donnell. >> thank you, mr. president. if i could continue on that the republicans did have a debate on cbs last night a lot of it was about foreign policy.
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they were critical of your record. >> that's shocking. >> if i could get you to respond to something that mitt romney said, he said your biggest foreign policy failure is iran. he said that if you are re-elected iran will have a nuclear weapon. is mitt romney wrong? >> i am going to make a practice of not commenting on whatever is said in republican debates until they have got an actual nominee. but as i indicated to pen in the earlier question, you take a look at what we have been able to accomplish in mobilizing the world community against iran over the last three years and it shows steady, determined
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progreprog firm progress in isolating the iranian regime and sending a clear message that the world believes it would be dangerous for them to have a nuclear weapon. is this an easy issue? no. anybody who claims it is is either politicking or doesn't know what they are talking about. i think not only the world but the iranian regime understands how determined we are to prevent not only a nuclear run but also a nuclear arms race in the region. a violation of nonproliferation norms that would have implications around the world including in asia pacific region where we have similar problems with north korea.
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david? oo thank you, mr. president. yesterday in a speech before business leaders you said you want china to play by the rules then your staff later said bilateral meeting with president ho you expressed american business leaders are frustrated with the change of pace in china's economy. what specific steps do you need to see from china and what punitive actions is your m administration willing to take if china does not play by the rules? >> i also said yesterday that we welcome the peaceful rise of china. it is in america's interest to see china succeed in lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. china can be a source of stability. and help to under right
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international norms codes of conduct and what we have done is try to develop a frank, consistent, open relationship and dialogue with china and it yielded considerable benefits. for example support for issues like iran. what i have also said to chinese leadership since i came into office when it comes to economic practices there are a range of things they have done to that disadvantage not just the united states but a whole host of trading partners and countries in if the region. the most famous example is the issue of china's currency. >> most economists estimate the
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rnb is devalued by 20-25 percent. that means our experts to china are that much more expensive and i am ports to the united states are that much cheaper. there has been slight improvement over the last year partly because of u.s. pressure but it hasn't been enough. it is time for them to go ahead and move toward a big system for their currency. they can do it much more quickly than they have done it so far. >> by the way that would not necessarily be a bad thing for the chinese economy. because they have been so focused on export driven growth they have neglected domestic consumption, building up domestic markets it makes them much more vulnerable to shots in the global economy. it throws the whole world
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economy because they are not buying as much as they could be from other countries and this is not something that is irn c inconsistent with where chinese leadership wants to go. the problem is you have exports producers in what it is. making changes are difficult for them politically. i get it. but the united states and other countries i think understandably feel enough is enough. that is not the only concern we have. intellectual property rights and protections companies that do business in china consistently report problems in terms of intellectual property that in an advanced economy like ours that is one of our advantages we are
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designing new products. if they get no protection the next thing you know china is a low cost producer not paying any fees that's a problem. those are two examples but there are a number of others these practices aren't secret. i think everybody understands what has been going on for quite sometime. sometimes american companies. it is their ability to leave. in terms of enforcement the other thing we have been doing is actually trying to enforce the trade laws that are in place. we have brought the number of places one that the u.s. press may be familiar with are the cases involving u.s. tires.
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where we brought aggressive actions against china and won. and as a consequence they are in a better position and that means more u.s. jobs. i think we can benefit from trade from china. i want to continue cultivating a constructive relationship with the chinese government. we are going to continue to be firm in insisting they operate by the same rules that everybody else operates under. we don't want them taking advantage of the united states. >> thank you mr. president. >> the other day you told espn that the scandal at penn state
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what you said was heartbreaking should prompt soul searching through out the nation. i am wondering if you can elaborate on what you meant and i know you are a big fan of college sports if this is something you think is an indictme indictment not just what stayed but how athletics are revered in universities. >> that is the kind of soul searching i was referring to. i am a big college sports fan. i think that when it is kept in perspective college athletics not only provide great outlet for young people but helps build a sense of community and can help grand a university in a way that is fun and important. but what happened at penn state
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indicates that at a certain point folks start thinking about. don't think about individuals. when you think about how vulnerable kids are for the alleged facts of that case to have taken place and for folks not to immediately say they start making sure kids are protected that's a problem. colle they are equally heartbreaking not all of them involve children, by the way.
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there have been problems obviously with respect to sexual abuse or assault directed against women where institutions sort of closed ranks instead of getting on top of it right away. that is why i said i think all institutions not just universities or sports programs have to step back and say stop and make sure we are doing everything we can to protect people who may be vulnerable in these circumstances but also keep in mind what's important. keeping -- making sure that our excitement about a college sports program doesn't get in the way of our basic human response when somebody is being hurt. it has been said that evil can thrive in a world just by good people standing by and doing
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nothing. all of us are where we see something that is wrong we have got to make sure we step up. that is true in college athletics that's throurue in ou government. that is true every where. juliana? >> thank you, mr. president. in conversations that you have had over the past couple days with asian pacific leaders have any brought up the rhetoric we have seen from republican presidential candidates when it comes to china and does that kind of rhetoric or posturing jeopardize the progress your administration has made with china and asia pacific region as a whole? >> i think most leaders understand that politics is not always measured for on t-- or oe
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level. most of the discussions have to do with substance. how do we put our people back to work right now how do we with stand exports. i have been impacted with chinese leaders in saying that the american people across the board left, right and center believe in praise believer in competition. we think we have the best workers in the world we have the best university and best entrepreneurs the best market. we are ready to go out there and compete with anybody. there is a concern across the political spectrum that the playing field is not level right now. in conversations with the president and others we have the
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opportunity to move in a direction in which this is a win win china is benefitting from trade within the united states. the united states is benefitting as well. jobs are being created in the united states and not just in china. right now things are out of kilter. that is something that is shared across the board as we saw with the recent vote on the chinese currency issue in the senate. leaders in the region understand that as china grows, as with economic influence expands, that the expectation is that they will be a responsible leader in the world economy.
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which is what the united states tried to do. we tried to set up rules that are universal that everybody can follow, and then we play by those rules. then we compete fiercely. we don't try to gain the system. that's part of what leadership is about. china has the opportunity to be the same type of leader as the world's second largest economy that will be important not just for this region but for the world. that requires them to take responsibility to understand their role is different now than it might have been 20-years ago or 30 years ago where if they were breaking some rules, it didn't really matter. it didn't have a significant impact. there is not huge trade and balances that had consequences
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for the world financial system. now they have grown-up. they are going to have to help manage this process in a responsible way. laura? >> thank you mr. president. why did you get prixed of the aloha skirts and the grass skirts? >> are you concerned you are having a party here while so many people are living in such a tough economy. wonder if that perception was on your mind it takes you to exotic and fun locations. >> yeah. >> i got rid of the hawaiian shirts because i looked at pictures of some of the previous apec meetings and some of the gash that appeared previously and thought this might be a
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tradition we might want to break. i suggested the leaders, we gave them a shirt. if they wanted to wear the shirt it would have been fine. with respect to this trip, it is fright nice piece of skener rehere. and i take enormous pride in having been raised in the state of hawaii. we are here for business. we are rehere to create jobs. we are here to mroet exports. we have a set of con kree steps that have been taken that will make our economy stronger. that is part of what our leadership has been about. when i went to europe last week, our job was to help shape a
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solution for the european crisis. they wonder well that's europe's problem. why are we worrying about it? if europe has a major recession and there is a financial system in europe starts spinning out of control that will have a dishlth impact on u.s. growth and our ability to create jobs and people raising their living standard. the same is true out here. if we are not playing out here in the world's largest regional economy and the world's fastest regional economy, if we have abandoned the field and we are not engaged american businesses will lose out and those jobs won't be in the united states of america. if part of my job is to make sure the rules of the road is set up so our folks can compete effectively part of my job is to
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sell america and our products and services around the world and we have done so very effectively. just to take the example of exports. we are on track to double our exports since i came into office. it was a goal i set. we are on track to meet it. that is one of the economic growth for this year. i want to make sure we keep on driving that. >> chuck? >> thank you, mr. president. the republican co-chair went on tv today and said if a sec quest tore happens the medicare cuts in medicare defense there was plenty of motivation and votes to change the makeup of these
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automatic cuts. you said that changing it in any way was off the table that means you were going to veto this bill if that's the case if it ends up they can't get a deal. can you clear up the end with the hot mic conversation can sarkozy as it involved netanyahu? >> chuck, the only guy who asks two questions so far. when i cut off here whoever was next in the cue -- i am messing with you. with respect to the super committee, in august we negotiated to initiate a trillion dollars in cuts over
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the next ten years primarily out of discretionary spending. we also said in order for us to move toward a more stable fiscal condition we are going to have to get an additional 1.2 minimum. i argued we needed more than that the whole idea was to make sure both sides felt obligated to move off the position and do what was required to help the cuts. since that time we have had a lot of conversations. it feels as if people tried to stick with their rigged position rather than try to solve the problem. i put a detailed approach that would save 2 trillion plus in
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favors. it's a balanced approach. we have the discretionary spending cuts we have already put in place. we have to have nondefense cuts, defense cuts, we are going to have to look at entitlement programs. we have to reduce our healthcare costs. we are going to need additional revenue. when we are talking about revenue, we have to raise money it makes sense for us to start by asking the wealthyest among us to pay more before we start asking seniors for example to pay a lot more for mare medicare. this is the same presentation i made to speaker boehner back in august. it is the same balanced approach
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that every single independent committee looked at this needs to be dumped. people want to jigger the math so they get a different outcome. the equation no matter how you do it if you want a balanced approach that doesn't gut medicare and medicaid, doesn't prevent us from making medication basic science and everything we talk about every world lead he were understands is the key for long-term economic success then prudent cuts have to be matched up with revenue. my open is over the next several days the congressional leadership on the super committee go ahead and bite the
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bullet and do what needs to be done. the math won't change. there is no magic formula. there are no magic beans you can toss in the ground and suddenly a bunch of money grows on trees. you have to go ahead and do the responsible thing. i am prepared to sign legislation that is balanced that solves this problem. one other thing that i want to say about this. when i meet with world leaders it's strike whethering it's here or asia, the kinds of fundamental reforms both on the revenue side and public pension side, other countries are having to make are so much more
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significant than what we need to do in order to get our books in order. this doesn't kwub rrequire radi changes. it just means we spread out the sacrifice across every spectrum so it is fair. people don't feel as if once again people are well connected people who have lobbyists special interests, get off easy and the burden is placed on middle class families that are already struggling. if other countries can do it we can do it. we can do it in a responsible way. i am not going to comment on whether i can veto a bill until i see a bill. i hold out the prospect there will be a light bulb moment where everybody says uh-huh.
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this is what we have to do. with respect to the hot mic in france i am not going to comment on the conversation i have with individual leaders, but what i will say is this, the primary conversation i had with president sarkozy in that meeting revolved around my significant disappointment that france had voted in favor of the palestinians joining unesco. knowing full well that under our laws that would require the united states from cutting off funding to unesco. after i had consistently made the argument that the only way we are going to solve the middle east situation is if
10:45 pm
palestinians and israelis try to negotiate. that will not be an end run with the united nations. i had a frank conversation with president sarkozy about that issue. that is consistent with private and public statements that i have been making to everybody over the last several months. ed henry. >> i have three questions. starting with mitt romney. one question i promise. you started with a $447 billion jobs bill. many speeches later you have virtually nothing from that. you have the veterans jobs bill which is important obviously. a lot of executive orders. you may get nothing here and go to the american people in 2012
10:46 pm
without another jobs bill nine percent unemployment and then wondering wiabout your leadersh. >> the american people are wondering about congressional leadership and failing to pass a jobs bill a components of which the majority of americans including many republicans are a great idea. that is past of the reas-- part the reason why the american people are not feeling real good about congress. normally, by the way, the way politics works is if the overwhelming majority of the american people aren't happy with what you are doing you start doing something different. so far that hasn't happened in congress and the republicans and congress in particular. they don't have the same sense
10:47 pm
of urgency about putting people back to work. i am going to keep on pushing. my expectation is we will get some of it done now and i will keep on pushing until we get all of it done. that may take me all of the way to november to get it all done. it may take a new congress to get it all done. the component part cutting taxes for middle class families cutting taxes for small businesses hiring veterans hiring the long-term unemployed put teachers back in the classroom and here in the state of hawaii you have a bunch of kids who are going to school four-days a week because of budget problems. how are we going to win the competition in the 21st century with our kids going to school half time? the jobs bill would helpal alleviate the pressure at the state level rebuilding our infrastructure. every world leader you talk to
10:48 pm
they are saying to themselves how can we make sure we have first class infrastructure. when you travel through the asia pacific region you see china having better airports than us, singapore having superior port and that will impact our capacity to do business here, our capacity to get trade get u.s. products made by workers made in the fastest growing market in the world. and put a lot of people back to work at the same time. i am going to keep on pushing. my expectation is we will keep on chipping away at this. if you think i think the republican leadership in the house and senate suddenly decides that i was right all along and they will adopt 100
10:49 pm
percent of mriep pose sales the answer is no. i don't expect that. do i anticipate that at some point they recognize that doing nothing is not an option, that is my hope. that should be their hope, too. if they don't they will have a different set of leaders in congress. thank you very much everybody. >> thank you. >> president obama wrapping up his short statement before and about 6 questions or so from the press corps there in honolulu, hawaii where the apec summit is going on. i understand he is going to a dinner scheduled. among the things he talked about was apec but only for a couple of questions. the first couple questions sddet with iran with the new report out iaea saying just how close iran is getting potentially to
10:50 pm
forming a nuclear bomb or nuclear weaponry. there is that part of it. also what to do about in terms of isolating iran. iran is the first time since his presidency isolated and the rest of the world leaders united in keeping nuclear proliferation from happening in that country. he was asking questions about the sex abuse scandal in the united states. the question by my own clock we are going to go to white house chief correspondent by phone. you are with us? >> yes. >> the answer to the penn state question by my notation was the longest answer. it surprised me very little to do with this summit were the questions from the press corps. >> sometimes when you ask an open ended question like that like what are your thoughts on what is in the news but not directly on point right here in honolulu you may get a more
10:51 pm
thoughtful response. i think you are right the president got a lot of questions about the republican debate last night. he took one shot at the candidates saying flatly they are wrong waterboarding is torture. in iran when he talked about mitt romney fayiei tsaiin -- s if he is romney is elected iran will not get nuclear weapons. he didn't engage. he is going to wait to punch back until there is a nominee. he doesn't want to be responding to every single charge by republicans. i think the end the reason asked about jobs he's coming to the end of this year. once 2012 comes around it is well-known that regardless of who is in the white house congress gets very little done in election years.
10:52 pm
he may not get anything posted at $447 billion jobs bill i think you will see an outline of what kind of race he is going to try to run at 2012. he can push it and push it he can get as much of this bill possible and he's going to make sure there's a new congress out. not just that he gets re-elected but he pushes republicans out of power. we will see how that plays out. with so many pushing he has so much to show for it. >> so much has to do with unemployment 2012 could be sitting at 9 percent. if anybody is expecting republicans to pass the deal 90 percent he is not holding it his breath on that. he did take a couple of questions to get his response to the gop debate. he had the foreign press which was not on our list of questions
10:53 pm
but he took brief so he did it to this one. >> that was a "washington post" reporter that asked about china. what the president was trying to say is look the u.s. was pushing to make sure china plays by the rules on trade make sure they play by the rules evaluating the current by 20-25 percent which makes american exports to china much more festive and chinese exports to the u.s. much much cheaper. then it is a huge advantage for china. >> we are looking at the aloha shirts. they didn't do it this time. henry always good to have you. thank you very much for your reporting and perspective on this. we are going to return you to fox report.
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>> a rally on the gridiron in philly. it wasn't the home team that came out. peter the eagles simply could not contain the cardinals. >> the eagles were the dream team because of the free agent acquisitions. deshawn jackson slept through a team meeting. lived up to the dream team monday core. the rest follows through sleeping through the game. they lose to the cardinals with a backup quarterback. john skeleton not a huge household name. bottom of the standings. could be done. we are only in week 10. >> sleeping through a meeting. they are the dreaming team.
10:58 pm
>> tim tebow. he's doing pretty well. >> tim tebow went two of eight. he only completed two passes yet the broncos won 17-7 in kansas city. they were 34th play. people don't like to say it but tim tebow just won a game. cliche the guy gets the job done. they are 3-1 with the starter. >> somebody has to give the running back the ball. >> nba commissioner david stern saying negotiations are over with the players. i read he thinks the agents are stepping in and keeping good faith. >> tomorrow is the big day. this is will final offer.
10:59 pm
it will be a 72 game season starting december 16th. there is a lot of skepticism. i don't know if we will have it in the nba. >> got to have a little time for tiger woods. working on his game. >> working on his game. he will be in the presidential cup next weekend. frod kopple put him on the team. maybe he's on the up swing. >> oh, nice. >> thank you very much. recapping the top stories new information about a judge who set the bail for penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. he's accused of sexually abusing a boy that judge volunteered for the charity organization sandusky formed. officers putting up fences to keep people out. there is word


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